I Know, I Draw Like Nick Sharrat

Welcome to idrawlikenick.

Nicks Drawings win

First off – this is Nick Sharrat, just incase you want to see where my reference orginates from;

Nick Sharratt

I first discovered I draw like a drunk, stoned version of Nick Sharrat when I begun wielding a pencil aged 10. My poor long suffering parents paid for me to have private art lessons. More fool them, it did not raise me to infamy. It didn’t do much although I have very fond memories of my art teachers pet hare. Yes, hare, not rabbit. Art therapy (which came some years later) did little more for my drawing skills, but again, the memories have shaped me. Not many people have had their ‘positve body outline‘ drawn by a pregnant anorexic shaking from crack withdrawal.  I ended up ditching my dream of being a billionaire artist when I decided I liked stories more and my feeble mind could not fathom two artistic endevours.

I managed to hold myself loosely together for three years and bagged a degree in Literature and Creative Writing, I know you can’t tell but I do have a certificate. I personally think a trophy would be more apt. I am thinking of going back to Big School to do a Masters in writing once I have become bored of being an jobless bum on sick benefit. It is sort of a career move, life experience, I wanted to know what all the other disabled people where going on about when they whinged about ESA/DLA/JSA/BRA/LALALA…

I am here to give you stories of Hercules The Wonder Dog, of my run-in’s with the Bad Fire Monster, of a tentative recovery from Eating Disorders, Self Harm, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other mental health wonkyness. There will also be book reviews, reviews of stuff-I-buy-from-amazon.co.uk and assorted stories from my current life as an unemployed bum living with my parents and The Boyfriend.

I hope you enjoy this idrawlikenick. I am new at this Blog thing and my greatest achievement will be learning how to create a screenshot (for I am constantly amused by Google searches.) Please comment if you read, even if it is to say ‘I like ninja cats’ or ‘I really hate your Blog’ but please don’t post too many nasty comments that do not provide a way too improve. I am sort of squishy and full of feelings most of the time and I get upset if I think people don’t like me; be nasty, but nasty and constructive comments will not be deleted.

If you have stumbled on here because you have wonky-mental-head or suffer from an eating disorder, self harm or depression I have posted some links for awesome-sites-that-really-help. I will take the piss out of mental health issues, life and cats in this Blog. Don’t flame me, life is sad if it isn’t funny. (I say I will post links, as yet I cannot work out how to do so – tips will be appreciated and I will get linkity links up ASAP)

Despite having a pretty certificate that proves I did actually get a degree from a real live University I have never been wonderwoman for grammar. (I save my costume for when I am brushing my teeth.) I am working on correcting my own mistakes and learning what all the dashes and dots mean and where they go, but it is a work in progress. It is not the fault of the comma that I get overenthused and place commas everywhere. Hate on me, not the comma.

I really do not know how to end a post. My words just stop. It feels crude to just end, as if i have been rudely interrupted with my microwave exploding or zombies finally coming out from The Scary Cupboard or being abused by a small army of feral welsh ninja cats…….I will work on concluding.

For now.

If you don’t use WordOfTheDay, do it now. Nownownownownow.


This is me:

I always-sometimes pull stupid faces, but I don't always have the stupid glasses.



  1. #1 by Snaffle on December 10, 2011 - 2:44 am

    Hey, it’s Snaffle from Bus… loving the blog! It reminds me a little bit of Hyperbole and a Half (if you’ve never read it, have a look and thank me later!). Looking forward to more posts! ❤

  2. #2 by Becky on December 12, 2011 - 9:37 am

    Your writting is amazing and you know I have always thought that!!!

  3. #3 by Helen Anslow on December 16, 2011 - 11:31 pm

    Hey love! Your blog is like having you here talking to me – I like that.xxx

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