Boston Terriers/ Milk Tray vs Over-sized Quality Street

I’m writing a post based on Big Dog and Hercules the Wonder Dog. In doing so I found myself in a beautiful pit of dog faces, courtesy of Google Image search. It is a bit like Milk Tray – you think you have found your favorite and then you pick the next. This is the big-gooey-caramel-brazil-encased in milk chocolate of the Dog World.

'Whaaaaaat?!'This Boston Terrier of tastiness has out-rated the Chug on the so-ugly-it-is-cute scale. It also wins on the Chug because it is bigger and therefore more durable. Think milk tray caramel-brazil compared to the chocolate steroid-implanted-purple-wrappers you can buy in the co-op.


I want a Boston Terrier better than normal caramel brazil dog, what are they like?

I feel a bit like I should be awarded points when I go and seek out facts. This is the M&S of Google search. These are not just Google links, these are pre-read Alexishereidrawlikenick approved Google links. 

Too Sexy for these Shots

Bit too M&S happy?

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