Like a rainbow (just all one colour, namely: purple)

I changed my hair colour.

I have not dyed my hair in about 18 months.

For me this marked the significant change into the adult world. I felt I was making a statement. Yes, I may have peircings, a shit, emo star tattoo and visable scars on my arms..I may like Mc Fly and watching Sean The Sheep and prefer NewsRound to BBC evening News. I may feel firmly belive that policitans speak in code and I am destined to forever be confused by my left and right hand..let alone the parties. Yes, I do sleep with a stuffed toy rabbit as well as my boyfriend..BUT

I do not dye my hair any more.

When I changed back to the colour I was naturally bestowed with (artifcally went natural) I thought I was growing spiritually and my mental age increased exponentially.

Then I realised this is bullshit.
I am far happier looking like a 14 year old and acting like I am 5. I fully accept the fact I will probably always colour my hair and sleep with a toy rabbit. I am unique, just like everybody else.

Borning, flat, natural 'grown up' hair on head.


Exciting brand spanking new hair on head





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