An inventory of sleepwear

I think that pajamas were invented for people like me.

I do not have a job..therefore I can happily exisit with three items of clothing. Pjama bottoms for ‘normal days’ , Joggers for walking Big Dog and actual jeans or tights for ‘Grown up days’

‘Normal days’ translate to days spent at home endlessly browsing the net-o-sphere/reading crap crime fiction on kindle/watching stuff on i-player. During normal days I will generally have my joggers out, primed and ready for dog walking, on return I change straight back into my previous attire. Sometimes I just do not care and go walking in my PJ’s. (Actually this is pretty much the norm unless it is raining.)

I reserve Actaul jeans or tights for days I have to do REAL STUFF like therapy, doctors or buying more clothes that I do not wear as much as my Pj’s. My regualar weekly therapist kindly comes to my house once a week so she gets the joy of seeing my in my ‘normal clothes’ but she has informed me that going in this garb to see Food Person or Pill Doctor is not a good idea. We are aiming fora six month streak with no Mad Person Wards…I am currently on month two and am taking no chances….

I realized today just how many pairs on Pajama bottoms I have…

Santa gave me two pairs this year so I spent Christmas taking turns having Dalmation legs and what looks like a very happy, fun rash.

The next ones were bourne out of Pajama envy….my sister came home once and as one does, got ready for bed. (She is normal and thus only wear Pj’s once it is dark…). She is one of lifes annoying and beautiful people..she looks good in anything. She got up and came dog walking with bed hair this Christmas. She even looks good with bed hair and hungover. I was insanely envious of a pair of baby blue checky pajamas that she had on a while back. They looked soft and she looked mature-yet-cute in them. I rememeber thinking that if I had pjamas like that the world would be dandy. So I went on a hunt.

I didn’t want the same ones, I wanted equally-as-good-if-not-better ones. I found these two…

Sadly I ended up feeling like the black pair looked as if I should be going to a bed-wear themed disco and the check pair were just not as cute as my sisters…I still wear them though. I have a strong sense of ‘fairness’ when it comes to my vast array of pjamas.. although i sometimes favour one pair (today I am rocking the Dalmation look) I cannot and will not forget one pair. I make sure they are cycled often and no pair of bottoms is left, sad and lost in the dark depths of my wardrobe.

Everybody knows that hospital is one place you will find other pajama wearers….especially in Looney Bins and Fat Farms where those unattractive gowns are not doled out (like a crap version of a sticker from the dentist.)

Way back in 2007 when I was in the Fat Farm I met the most fabulous pair on PJ bottoms. They had cookies on them. Cookies! Considering that this was an eating disorders ward this irony was lost on nobody. I immediately developed a bit of a crush on the wearer of these bottoms (yes, I know I am fickle, but my sense of self is so screwed I identify with Big Dog). This love was sadly unrequited and my ongoing hunt of a similar pair of food-emblazoned PJ bottoms had been unsatifactory…until this past summer….

Of course I had to go all the way and buy the socks as well. There was a match top but for some reason I have a dislike for PJ tops. It must be a plain coloured vest top. I think the excitement is just too much otherwise..also, whereas PJ bottoms are always comfortable PJ tops vary massively…they are often odd shapes and do nothing to make me look at all good (because, y’know, I look so damn wonderful in bed hair with my PJ’s on normally…)

I have PJ’s for ‘fat days’ and PJ’s for ‘thin days’. One of my favorite pairs I call my ‘innocent’ PJs but, sadly, due to the posh cut I can only wear them on thin days. My mother gave them too me as a Get Well present when I was even-more-ill-than-general.

I love them, although I do wish that my wearing of them was not controlled by stuid eating disorder thoughts. (I know that this, in general, is a symptom felt by many of the ED population. Getting dressed or in my case, changing to not sleep-dribbled on PJ’ a major hurdle of the day because everything makes you feel miserable and ‘fat’. I think a large reason I choose to mainly dwell in PJ’s is to do with my ED thoughts..they are not a tight as jeans/tights/leggings whatever and so I do not feel as terrible…also, if you wear PJ’s all the time people do not expect you to look ;nice’ so if I do get dressed, once in a blue moon, people will focus on this and not the width of my thighs.)

There currently is a mass-sale on Christmas themed nightwear. Oh! I want PJ’s with frolicking multi-coloured raindeer on…I do, I do. I would also love some David and Goliath ones… amazingzombiePJs

and thissiteaboutcupcakes makes me really happy….

Enlighten me, what are your favorite PJ’s?

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  1. #1 by Lollirot on December 30, 2011 - 1:25 am

    I love PJs!! Okay not as much as socks but they definitely my second favourite piece of attire =D My normal days involve either staying in PJs or staying in the clothes I’ve worn to bed (I know EVIL when there are awesome PJ’s in existence but sometimes – okay often – changing into them is hard >.<) I've even started picking out clothes by what's comfortable to sleep in O.O. I think I need more PJ's lol. My favourite PJ's are super long (like I end up walking on them and I'm not short), and black with many-shades-of-grey thin stripes. I am wearing them now actually

    And OMG the cupcake ones!! *steal*

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