Boyfriend is no longer my Boyfriend…

Because we got engaged!!!!

I was given a box of posh chocolates from Boyfriend for Christmas. Inside the truffle nestled a ring. I am pretty sure I am the only person who has licked truffle from a diamond and gold ring before accepting a marriage proposal.




I know, I have really gross hands…but the ring!!!! Boyfriend choose it all my himself, control freak me would usually panic about something like this, but, the kid did well. It is gorgeous and I am so happy.

So now Boyfriend is not boyfriend, he is my…financeeee…bollocks-I-can’t-spell-it..I think for ease of use, and so it is less taxing to my brain I shall just keep referring to him as ‘boyfriend’…

We got our first ‘omg you are engaged’ card today from a ex-university-housemate. it had a photo of bunnies on the front (aimed at me) and a angry zombie on the inside (aimed at boy). I think that this tells you exactly why we are going to wait awhile to actually get married. it was really exciting to get a card though, and my Mum and Aunt both cried. I called my Grandad and he had a wonderful reaction;

‘Good. Well, you can get better now then’.

Yes Grandad. I am mental because up until now Boy has not put a ring on my ugly pointy finger. Still, he was very happy for us.

I do think that the ring has magic powers though. As discussed in a previous post (see below) I am far too attached to my pajamas, hate showering and dislike mirrors. Today I boldly went to the corner shop to buy tabacoo. This is an event. I usually send Boy as I hate other people looking at me. I went today in a top that probably hate dribble/Quality street wrappers stuck to it, in my neon orange Adidas joggers and Boyfriends baggy hoodie. It was as if it was okay because I had a pretty ring on. Ring obviously makes me feel beautiful. (I am not sure if Man in the shop noticed that I was waving my hand in his face as I handed over the tenner for baccy..).

It is very odd that Boyfriend has decided to commit himself to spending his life with me. I was thinking about that fact earlier when I finally dragged myself out my pit (bed) as I was literally getting glued to the sheet with toffee…oh, how I love the massive tins of chocolates that Christmas brings….I was attempting to claw caramel and peices of half chewed brazil nuts out my hair when I thought ‘Boy loves me so much he wants to marry me’. It was a very happy thought and I propelled myself towards the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Overall I think being engaged is doing me good. I did not for one second think I’d ever have doubts about being with him or scared of wanting to spend my life with him…but I may wash my face/pants and get out of bed for his return home tomorrow.

Christmas was stressful and punctured by me realizing I really honestly am too socially inept and awkward to even properly integrate with my family…but made much better by the Ring-flavored truffle and dog walks with dearly beloved finace….boyfriend.

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  1. #1 by Snaffle on January 10, 2012 - 1:17 pm

    Congratulations again 🙂 The ring is gorgeous, he did do well!

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