I am like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, only I am not a guy and haven’t been on TV

Well, as promised I took photos of my newly decorated room using my bad quality Blue camera. (I am actually sad that this is a poor quality camera and Boy brought it for me as an impulsive present back in our student days) I am thinking of seeing if i can twist his arm into buying me a new one..because on day, this random, poorly articulated Blog might become the steps toward writing for a living and thus earning loads of money in the future. And..it seems to be, for me, good Blogging needs photos so I gave give you random glimpses into my chaotic life.


My pretty bed throw

Floral, I like all the old lady/shabby chic type designs, it is really calming and seems to placate my general grumpiness because it is girly and feels..kindly, if you can apply that amount of emotion to a simple throw. It was also half price which makes it even more exciting. The duvet covers underneath and solid pale pink but every soft cotton and comfy.

Bed, as whole, and grubby jelly cat bunny

A bigger shot on the bed, along with Arthur, my jelly cat bunny. I have a whole collection of Jelly cat bunnies, all given to me as presents, and I love them. Arthur is my favorite which you can tell, as he used to be white. I do admit to sharing the bed with Arthur and Boy.  Boy pretends not to mind.

Me, looking really unattractive, on bed

wow, i bit the bullet and posted you lot a photo of my face. Gasp. I am not a good role model for smoking cessation. Anyway, here you can see pretty curtians too. I woud like to point out that I drew those PJ bottoms in a previous post! and that I do not always look that terrible! Am so loving my curtians though..and they only cost me £13.50..Bargin!

Bed, curtian and twee wall hanging

I really love this wall hanging, twee though it may be..and again, a save for onmly £7. I love january sales. My next plan is to replace the bedside lamps that you can see with those tiffany tortiose ones I raved out in another post. I also wants to, by the end of Jan, paint the walls with a base colour – likely to be pale pink, but a warm pink, not a cold colour. Possibly using wall paper for the ‘feature wall’ (the wall behind my bed) using pip-studio.co.uk < wallpaper from her, as her desgins are beautiful.

Boy, playing xbox, withback drop of pretty room

I was trying to get a better photo of the room for the door, but Boy was in the way as he is glued to his XBox (saving lifes on Skyrim takes dedication). Isn’t his big silly face lovely? (He did not know I was taking this pic, as you can see…)


This is by far the worst photo but you are supposed to admire the really chic clock which was only £3.00 and I am slowly learning how to work out the time on it, our tv was in the way on the picture though.

Oh, and I am going to add in a photo of Big Dog for your pleasure.

Most wonderful dog in the world

That is it, I’ll post an update on my interior desgin adventures when i do get around to painting the walls and stripping down and painting the funitutre. The next thing i am saving up for is a ceiling light..

This is the one which is in my price rang (£30.00) and I like, also it is not too massive so hopefully Boy won’t hit his head on it all the time like he does with the big, vivid orange saucer type ceiling light we have at the moment. Ah…more Blogging about household lighting, what is happening to me?

I took my night time meds some time back and my ability to make sense is fast becoming questionable so I shall quit this post while I am ahead. Feel free to tell me my room looks damn good and that you’d pay me for my design services….or just let me know if you think it is lame and you could do a much better job. I think we all secretly harbor a desire to go on those ‘TV room makeover’ shows that are so bad but so addictive.

Over and out.

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  1. #1 by Snaffle on January 10, 2012 - 1:47 pm

    It looks so cosy, I think kindly is an excellent word for decor. 🙂 Also Big Dog is tres handsome – what breed(s) is he? I’m going to guess Saluki, or a lurcher with a good dollop of Border collie? I think he would make a fine husband for my girly lurcher. ❤

    • #2 by idrawlikenick on January 10, 2012 - 4:34 pm

      Excellent indeed. Meh, maybe if I have a kind room it’ll encourage me to be kinder to C and stop giving him bruises at night when he rolls over to hug me?!
      He is a Greyhound Saluki cross..so Lurcher, good spot! He is so beautiful, and sooo stupid, I love him to bits. I’d love to see your girly Lurcher, BigDog is always really over enthusiastic about ‘friends’ if he were a person he’d be the male answer to Bridget Jones!

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