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Hello, Hello

I looked for Images for ‘Sunday’ and came up with this:

Sickly Sweet Sentiment

I sort of wonder what the person who designed that image is like…if it was a Sunday project perhaps? Or their full time vocation is making odd images of animals + food to = some kind of mass produced, re-blogged image – are they happy in thier job?

But todays post is not about Hamsters and Ice cream (is it a Hamster) – though I shall keep it in mind for a future post.

Fact for you  

‘Shall’ is becoming anachronistic.

It is becoming an unused word, shoved away in favour of colliquol language.

I do not condone this..and I think it is wrong, wrong wrong.

‘Shall’ is a good, strudy word and YOU should use it, savour it, appreciate its age and vintage.

Please work with me to keep ‘Shall’ alive and kicking in this age of slang.

(now I have typed ‘shall’ to much it looks like an alien word… is rattling around my head in big, bold red font and it a little bit intimidating.)

A distraction if you want to get ‘shall’ or any other pesky, word/song/advert jingle..out of your head:

Brain teasers

also, it is Sunday which means ‘nothing good on telly’ and ‘PostSecret Day’  Sunday Secrets


Knitting Update 

I have 28 patches of varying sizes..from very small squares (9×13) – my tension is still a bit odd – to large (28 x a lot) – I do admit to having stopped using my stitch counter.

I ordered a book which is coming tomorrow

Only click to look inside if you follow the know that though

Find it on Amazon

You can also get a knitting book for men

Post-blanket I am torn between knitting a jumper for dearest Boyfriend…or knitting him a blanket for when he goes back to University for his final year (without me!)

but then I also found a knitting pattern for this:

A jumper for LittleDog?


And I think LittleDog would look lovely in it…he is 12 now so I could excuse it to my Dad who hates any sort of Dog clothing with a passion as an aid to keep LittleDogs elderly grumpy body warm. I think he’d love one..

Don't you think he needs a wooly jumper?


New Don’t-Be-Crazy Pills 

My CPN came over on Friday and she has started me on a new medication – Lyrica which is for GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and is meant to be a bit of a magic medication as it is also trailed and tested for Fibro pain and depression.

I have mentioned before that I crown myself

Side effect Queen


and I had an accompanying post when I re-started Tramadol – Tramadol gave me Itchy Flea Babies

with Lyrica, also known as Pregabalin or (ProGoblin if you are immature like me) the side effects seem thus far to be slightly more bareable (and less deadly than some other drugs I have reacted to..) I am tired, but high.

I am getting much, much dizzier after Smoking which I sort of enjoy (and I shouldn’t, as i am sure it is intended to make me quit)

It has only been a few days, but for me the worst side effects seem to crop up in the first 72 hours so i shall (shall) keep you updated on the progress..



That is all for now but I am planning to update later with some proper drawings and maybe something well written for once. Don’t hold your breath tough..Knitting is currently taking over my life.



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  1. #1 by nicole marie story on January 30, 2012 - 8:12 pm

    LittleDog is too cute for words!
    and ‘get off my internets’ is HUGE for criticising my usage of ‘shall.’ i’ve used the queen’s english, or at least a derivative of it, for as long as i can remember! so i agree with your recommendation to overuse shall until it becomes popular again. i shall use it soon and often! ❤

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