Post, sort of passes for one

Rubbish post warning

Things that are lame (said with a 14 year old pout)

1)Loosing my phone, finding it and then it breaking.

2)Wee infections…my friend said ‘weeing should be an AHHHHHHH experience not ARGH, oh how right she is

3)Chronic Pain – everything hurts. Insert four paragraphs of moaning here.

4)Catching your ball of wool on a door handle and somehow pulling all the 50 stiches of casting on you did off

5)Holby City having got oh so rubbish and cringe making



Things that are good

1) Finally getting the matts out of BitDogs silky ear fur

2) Managing to crochet a flower..and flower! (photos to come)

3) LittleDog snoring at my feet

4) Being excited to see the postman tomorrow

5) The Co-op fairtrade white chocolate with crispy bits (and not feeling guilty)

6) Stealing Boyfriends oversized PJ Bums just out the dryer

7) The picture to follow:


Shit post. Sorry. Will improve soon.


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  1. #1 by Snaffle on February 1, 2012 - 3:16 am

    Boooooo to the lame (although sort of yay for at least finding the phone – maybe it’s still under warranty?) and yaaaay to the good… crocheted flower sounds EPIC! Hope the postman doesn’t disappoint! 😀 I like your “rubbish” posts (imagine me wiggling my fingers in big obnoxious air quotes), they are better than my good posts.

    Love you looooots!

    (I’m adding the url of my blog to this comment because I am two views away from 100 and I’m pathetically excited to reach this milestone, so please forgive my blatant blog-pimping.)

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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