I can’t sleep..

I will update properly soon, I have things planned, just little motivation and lots of illness and mood crappity-ness. (Ah, self expression fail). I am planning to order a new mouse soon so I can improve on my rubbish paint jobs…also am writing my MA interview story thing at the moment so I feel like I use all the words, ever and have no left for blogging. Hopefully it should improve the quality of my posts, but I doubt it.

Thought I’d post you a short list about sleep

List about sleep (or lackthereof)

Things I think of when I Should Be Alert And Awake

1) Sleeping

2) Bed

3) Sleeping

4) Bed

5) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Things I Think About When I Want To Be Asleep

1) All the words to 1,2,3,4,5…

2)stol fo domnar sdrow sdarwkcab…ywh?

3)Of all the cat vidoes I have ever seen, and listing them in order of current favorites..

4)The words to as many A.A.Milne poems as I can remember from childhood –

Tiddly pom pom

5)and this poem. (Just for intellectual contrast)

6) Every little thing that has ever worried me, ever…

7) The names of everyone in my class at school starting from year zero…

8) All the words to this song…

9) All the words I can make with ‘knob’ in them.. knobhead, knobdick, knobbydickwad,knobshaft, itchy knobshaft,

10)And all the e-mails I should send to friends.

11)All the parcels and letters I should send.

12)Forgotten rules of grammar..Kill the pandas, whaaaaaaaaaa

I am mocking my own bad grammar, I know


13)My life history in Birthday cakes…try it, start at your earliest cake memory and work to now – amazing! I would list, but I think I shall save it for its very own cake-memory post.



14)Reasons why I hate people who use the words ‘First World Problems’…I would expand, but I am too tired thinking about it…

15)The clothes I would dress my dog up if I had a willing doggy-participant (Little Dog is too old for the scary change of jumpers on fur and BigDog would hate it, he dislikes even his collar..)

You can get it the other way around though…..

16) If i would rather be hot or cold at this exact moment..

17) All the names to all the people in every job I have ever had. In alaphabical order. Chris..No, Alan, Chris, Becky..No, Alan, Alex, Chris, Other Chris, Becky…

18) What it would feel like if my left ankle itched…


19) Why thinking about itching makes you itch…

20) How far ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ I can get without thinking about someth…..huh? Was that rain?!

21) Robbers, bear, tigers, scary things

22) Just Robbers

23) Just Bears

24) Just tigers

25) All of the scary things at once…

My face at night.

and still,






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