Polo musings.


Do you remeber that Polo-high? From school, when you’d eat a packet or two of polos and spend the afternoon in graphics flicking rubbers off a non-shatterable ruler, which does actually shatter – and later, the polo come down..and the reminder that is has a laxative effect?


Well. It seems that there is a polo-to-age ratio.

It only seems to take half a packet to cause that effect in me..and the come down is faster and worse.

And why, oh why did they take lovely minty treats and make them into nasty fruits O’s? Ick.

I think polo’s are a product of the vending-machine generation. In fact, maybe they caused the vending machine generation. They were the only sweets cheap enough to afford after you had searched your blazer pockets and rooted out the rubbers, the leaky pens and the notes that you had been writing to a friend when you should have been learning algebraic equations.

I wish the spearmint polo’s were still as easily available as the orginal…now, those were just epic. They deserved a cape and a wand. Give me a packet of sperming polo’s and I could turn any boring, depressing Monday lunch time into fun with a capital F.

Wow. I can’t believe I actually wrote that sentence, that is lame.

I need a sign: ‘under influence of polo’s’…



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  1. #1 by Snaffle on March 4, 2012 - 4:48 pm

    Pahahaha! Yes yes yes 😀 The taste of spearmint polos and diet coke will always remind me of when my dad used to buy them for me at the pub where we rehearsed for the village pantomime (oh yes, my childhood was awesome…) Did you have Fizzy Jerks in your school vending machines? They were 20p and they tasted like fizzy drinks, I haven’t seen them in years… I bet they’d be like a pound now… *reminisces wistfully of the days when a Mars bar was 30p*…

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