Drunk (I am not)

Really, I am not.

I am whacked out my head on painkillers and new shiny head fixing psych meds, I feel a bit like I am drunk though..my head is full of cotton wool and I am sending inappropriate texts to a friend. Well, they are not inappropriate per say, just more ‘LOOK I Am Telling A Period Joke’ ..and i would not normally do that with out worrying about it for three hours beforehand, because I am oh-so-cool and utterly not an over-thinking weirdy.

So not drunk really..but I realized, in jumping to that whatcamacallit….comparison..I have realized I have actually forgotten what drunk feels like…just hazy memories of actions I mostly regret.

Anyway, this is my not-drunk-drunk post proclaiming I WILL POST TOMORROW..much like the way a drunk woman in A&E was clinging on to the nurse and saying thank you, thank you, I love you, do you know that, I really love you? (I do want to know the back story behind that one!! Did they know each other, and are actually friends? Did the nurse look like someone drunk-woman does know?Or was Nurse really a random stranger?)

Oh, and I blame everything on the meds. New rule. My post is shit? Meds! Raining? Meds! Sunny? Meds! I want to eat 800 calories of chocolate rabbit in one sitting but refuse a carrot for calories? Meds? Nothing I am writing make sense? Meds!

No, really, it is the meds!!


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  1. #1 by Knoob on April 14, 2012 - 2:47 am

    YES. I’ll do that too. Inappropriate texting and blame it on the meds. Good one!

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