When I grow up I want to be a fairy/batman.

Happy, happy, happy, fulfilled with employment.

Welcome to my Blog. It is a mix of things from my life…silly pictures, photos and stories of daily thoughts. I am updating this after having twenty five posts on my Blog and I guess I am surprised at where Blogging has taken me..I am finding it more and more useful as a platform for blogging about my struggle with my eating disorder, chroic pain disorder and depression/borderline personality disorder.

Here is a short introduction to me & where I am in my life right now –

1) I am currently unemployed. I was signed off sick over six months ago with Anorexia and a Chronic pain disorder. (which may or may not be Fibromyalgia, but I do often refer it it with that name in my Blog as it seems to fit and I need some sort of frame work to build on.)

2) I graduated from University with a degree in Creative writing and literature. I like to write poetry and childrtens fiction. In starting this Blog I thought I would include a lot more book reviews and thoughts about writing, this seems to be lacking, swallowed by the nitty gritty of living with an ED..but it is something I aim towards.

3) I am engaged to a gorgeous, wonderful BoyMan who I call ‘The boyfriend’ as I have issues with consistently spelling ‘fiancee’ without referring to spell check.

4) I live in the UK, in North Wales, currently with my parents. Me and Boyfriend where living independently but due t0 the chronic pain and mental health issues we decided moving home for a while was a sensible option. I talk a lot about BigDog, one of our two family dogs, we also have a cat.

5) I have had a long hisotry of self harm and depression although I do consider myself making progress from self harm it is something that I battle with often and has its own place in my Blog.

6) I am silly and on good days I have a sense of humor. Other than the ED/pain and all that rubbish I spend a lot of time surfing the net for silly sites that eat up my time. I like silly games, things that make me laugh and animals. I love walking (when I can) and films, I recently brought a Kindle and am always after a good read. I like painting, poetry and sometimes cooking.. especially cakes…in the future i’d love to travel, socialize more and generally find out more about what interests me in life over an obsession with food and weight.

Thanks for viewing my Blog..I love reading other peoples so if you have something to say please link me to yours and I’ll happily go and have a nose. 🙂


idrawlikenick x

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