funny Interwebs

I love the internet, I spend to much time on it….I thought I’d dedicate a page to urlz I lovezzz..(note the irnoic use of z’szzzz!!!11one11!!) easy searching..also, I am a kind person who just likes to share..

and I wants your eyes to look like mine do …

It is the ‘geek-chic’ look, yeah?

Anyway, for Stuff That I Like On The Web, Just click… – I am NOT talking to myself, I am talking to cleverbot……cough…cough.. – The Boyfriend thinks torlling is mean, no – trolling is funny, Cyberbullies are mean. – I actually freaking love graphs.. – I love graphs far too much.. (i know, so many meme base sponsered links..but I haven’t put up the scene wolf thing..[but now go google it, go cry emo kid! hahahaha,addictive..]) – me’n’ my mate snaff spend waaaaaaay to much time on this..ty to a BUS poster for the original linking.. <sometimes some amazing things turn up on this blog..look for Jenny vs Spencer if you want a direct link..

My youtube love of today…

I’ll add more when I find them.

Please let me know what you lovez on t’internetosphere..really, I am always looking for more time to waste.

  1. #1 by boldkevin on April 15, 2012 - 9:18 am


    Just a quick comment to let you know that I did get your email about the MEntal HEalth writer’s Guild and think your blog would be great as a member so I have today added your blog to the Mental Health Writer’s Guild Members LIst

    Really good to have you as a member and you should be getting an email real soon if not already.

    Kind Regards


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