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Granted Permission To Dress Up My Dog!

Meet BigDog & Me. He dog is a Lurcher, a Greyhound-Saluki cross. In non-dog-breed terms this means Very Fucking Fast. We recently took him to a dog-track day for Lurchers (well, Dad and boy did, I was busy being mad and storking owls in a physic unit)

We just got an e-mail with details of next months club meet, and it came with the break down of his First Ever Race.

I am very proud

He ran 100 meters in 7.04 seconds and 21.8 seocnds for 260 meters. He came first for the 100 m and second for 260. He did the 260 meters in 21.8 seconds and was just beaten by another Saluki Cross who ran it in 21.56 seconds. I feel like a proud mother, literally sitting here grinning.

The next meet is also Fancy Dress for Dog and owner. I desperately want to win it. So I need matching (easily made) costumes for Me, Dog, Brother and The Boy. (Dad is pulling catbum face and refuses to dress up.. boring!!)

I pretty much love this…

but I do not think Dog would allow it, and as I can only hand sew..also unpractical for Runnig V Fast In? I think so!

I also like this next one..and am all for Unseasonable costumes…..but I do not think it would win me the prize, too easy!

Dog are good for your health. I now have something to sit on the sofa and obsesses about. The pain killers kill the pain, but dogs kill the boredom….At some point in my life I AM going to start a campaign about having Dogs of Mental Illness in the Uk. America gets all the fun. Dogs for emotional support and Pay Day Bars. (If any random american reads this Please post me pay day bars. Amazon is asking for £3.50 for three bars plus £4.50 shipping. I am mortified.)

Back to the Original Topic..Tell me what I should dress up BigDog (and me!) in?!!!

Dress up suggestions please!!


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:) Cuddle, my boys <3

I was making tea for me and Boy and wondered into the front room to find them like this:

They are both so beautiful. He loves that dog and dog loves him.

At the moment every time I look at Boy I feel sad because soon he is going to be fighting, far away from me. But, I know this will pass and I need to spend our time together in the best way possible.

Today will be a happy day, the above photo is testament to that. ❤


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Excited Post, Happy Happy Jump Jump

I feel like this, just minus the wet

After all the fear, and interview angst, and my ‘errr, I can’t actually remember what I did in my undergrad’ answer to the ‘tell us about your previous modules question’ and my mad twitching and my shaking and the anxiety…and even though I said I have a morbid fear of submitted my work for aplication and even though I am pretty sure they though I was raving mad…

I got a letter.

A letter accepting me for my full time Creative Writing Masters commencing in September!!

winning at degrees

This is turning about to be a Fabulous Saturday. Knitting, drinking tea and basking in my own glory. Fantastic.

One of the things I am most excited about is getting a library card with my face on that says ‘Post Graduate student’ then..when I get mistaken for a 12 I can whip it out and say ‘Do you know any 12 yr olds doing a postgrad, eh, eh,eh?!!’ …well, I’d never have the balls to do that, I am far too much of a wuss but it is nice to dream.

There is one good thing about suffering from an utter lack of any form of self esteem, confidence and self belief: good things are even more fucking good as they are just so surprising.

Will now count down the days to September…

6 months 6 days

189 days

4,512 hours

270,720 minutes

16,243,200 seconds

Not that long, eh?




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Insert Appropriate Title Here -(Or Inappropriate depending on mood..)

Hello, Hello

I looked for Images for ‘Sunday’ and came up with this:

Sickly Sweet Sentiment

I sort of wonder what the person who designed that image is like…if it was a Sunday project perhaps? Or their full time vocation is making odd images of animals + food to = some kind of mass produced, re-blogged image – are they happy in thier job?

But todays post is not about Hamsters and Ice cream (is it a Hamster) – though I shall keep it in mind for a future post.

Fact for you  

‘Shall’ is becoming anachronistic.

It is becoming an unused word, shoved away in favour of colliquol language.

I do not condone this..and I think it is wrong, wrong wrong.

‘Shall’ is a good, strudy word and YOU should use it, savour it, appreciate its age and vintage.

Please work with me to keep ‘Shall’ alive and kicking in this age of slang.

(now I have typed ‘shall’ to much it looks like an alien word… is rattling around my head in big, bold red font and it a little bit intimidating.)

A distraction if you want to get ‘shall’ or any other pesky, word/song/advert jingle..out of your head:

Brain teasers

also, it is Sunday which means ‘nothing good on telly’ and ‘PostSecret Day’  Sunday Secrets


Knitting Update 

I have 28 patches of varying sizes..from very small squares (9×13) – my tension is still a bit odd – to large (28 x a lot) – I do admit to having stopped using my stitch counter.

I ordered a book which is coming tomorrow

Only click to look inside if you follow the know that though

Find it on Amazon

You can also get a knitting book for men

Post-blanket I am torn between knitting a jumper for dearest Boyfriend…or knitting him a blanket for when he goes back to University for his final year (without me!)

but then I also found a knitting pattern for this:

A jumper for LittleDog?


And I think LittleDog would look lovely in it…he is 12 now so I could excuse it to my Dad who hates any sort of Dog clothing with a passion as an aid to keep LittleDogs elderly grumpy body warm. I think he’d love one..

Don't you think he needs a wooly jumper?


New Don’t-Be-Crazy Pills 

My CPN came over on Friday and she has started me on a new medication – Lyrica which is for GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and is meant to be a bit of a magic medication as it is also trailed and tested for Fibro pain and depression.

I have mentioned before that I crown myself

Side effect Queen


and I had an accompanying post when I re-started Tramadol – Tramadol gave me Itchy Flea Babies

with Lyrica, also known as Pregabalin or (ProGoblin if you are immature like me) the side effects seem thus far to be slightly more bareable (and less deadly than some other drugs I have reacted to..) I am tired, but high.

I am getting much, much dizzier after Smoking which I sort of enjoy (and I shouldn’t, as i am sure it is intended to make me quit)

It has only been a few days, but for me the worst side effects seem to crop up in the first 72 hours so i shall (shall) keep you updated on the progress..



That is all for now but I am planning to update later with some proper drawings and maybe something well written for once. Don’t hold your breath tough..Knitting is currently taking over my life.



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Things and stuff, in pictures.

I not all that sparkly. Phyiscal stuff hurts. Emotions hurt.

I do not want to neglect this blog. I am a good neglectfulness..stuff gets hard and I run away. I am trying to change this. Small steps, I am going to keep this blogging going.

I drew you some pictures..


Stuff I Loved As A Child

My ‘SpI’ walkie talkie was amazing. I loved it. I still dream of an industrial real one. If The Boyfriend does suceed in joining the Army I am totally stealing his kit..

and I utterly have imaginings for walkie talkies intergrated into our wedding. i won’t tell you how, it is classified spy shit. Yeaah.

yeah, i was shit at it, but i loved it


When i got my Eychasktch I had aspirations of this

click for link


or this

found on an art forum about 3D tablets with a poster winning with the old-skool


But as you can see from my re-creating I was lucky to get this –

pretty impressive, tbh


Could you do it?

On to other things…..

These were shit, but I loved them..


I was an evil little cow and used to put these on the stairs when I was angry with my Mum..she would never notice. I’d make sure she rushed upstairs by screaming at a fake spider/making brother cry/setting small fires* and in her haste to attned to her dear, dear daughter she’d impail herself on mini-parachute men.

They were even more of a hit Post-Toy-Story phase and I am still really elated if they ever turn up in Chrsitams crackers. I just had a very clear flashback to drowning the mini-men in Eggnog…a child bound for therapy? Moi?

*The fire thing was not true, I only set fire to my room once..and I was fifteen, no army men involed..just a journal and a whole heap of angst.

The ultimate toy…

What else do you need? oh, duct tape to keep Brother in..


I do not really need to explain why boxes are the staple diet of fun.

If you do not agree i think you were wired a bit wonky..

just to prove I was a girl here is some images of other stuff the defined my childhood..although no more MSpaint images and my fingers feels funky and pain = a bitch.

she pissed herself!!


I wanted a Baby-Born dolly so badly it hurt..once I had one, though the fun wore off. She was cute and I hated feeling guilty for throwing her down the stairs or trying to sew her eyes shut with a junior sewing kit…god, i was a fucked up kiddy..but i did love this doll…even if she never got a name..



In my search for the excat toy bunny i had as a kid i found the aboe picture…amazing!!! Bless the dog, he does not look happy..

anyway, i had an army of identical rabbits..about 6 or 7 that all looked like this

mine did not have nifty jumpers..


This army was mobilized with the use of my Walkie-talkies and Army-jumping well as my awesome list skills. I was going to take over the world..I nearly did..only then The Mum made me tidy my room so she could decorate it and my army was demoted to the wardrobe and army-bunny bed was replaced with a pristine bed spread.

My mu was famous for making her own Play-dough. My brother famous for eating it.

Is it an OOD from Dr Who?! Love it!


OOOOOOOOd ..ooddd…ooood, how the fcuk do you spell that?

Thank you for reading my Childhood in Pictures

Here is some more

Dogs Dressed Up As Other Animals

because everyone needs this in their day..obvs

dress up the dog game < do not think that this is not addictive…



is it cruel? !! it seems happy




love his face!

oggy doggy

Wow, that made me happier.

Sorry for the lack of words in this post, I aim to be back to my normal, convoluted self soon!




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Finding ‘myself’


I watched a documentry today called ‘I’m a teenage Vampire’. Predictably enough it was about this bunch of kids who thought they were vampire…real actual bitey vamps. The google hits that cam with subsequent ‘research’ where damn funny.

My Shrink has said that my illness/lack of ability to function normally stems partly from a ‘distinct lack of sense of self’. I have increased anxiety and zero self esteem because I have not ‘found myself’. Today I had a breakthrough….I think I am part Big Dog. Seriously, I made a table comparing the stuff Big Dog enjoys/does daily and stuff that I do. It’s uncanny.

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