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Granted Permission To Dress Up My Dog!

Meet BigDog & Me. He dog is a Lurcher, a Greyhound-Saluki cross. In non-dog-breed terms this means Very Fucking Fast. We recently took him to a dog-track day for Lurchers (well, Dad and boy did, I was busy being mad and storking owls in a physic unit)

We just got an e-mail with details of next months club meet, and it came with the break down of his First Ever Race.

I am very proud

He ran 100 meters in 7.04 seconds and 21.8 seocnds for 260 meters. He came first for the 100 m and second for 260. He did the 260 meters in 21.8 seconds and was just beaten by another Saluki Cross who ran it in 21.56 seconds. I feel like a proud mother, literally sitting here grinning.

The next meet is also Fancy Dress for Dog and owner. I desperately want to win it. So I need matching (easily made) costumes for Me, Dog, Brother and The Boy. (Dad is pulling catbum face and refuses to dress up.. boring!!)

I pretty much love this…

but I do not think Dog would allow it, and as I can only hand sew..also unpractical for Runnig V Fast In? I think so!

I also like this next one..and am all for Unseasonable costumes…..but I do not think it would win me the prize, too easy!

Dog are good for your health. I now have something to sit on the sofa and obsesses about. The pain killers kill the pain, but dogs kill the boredom….At some point in my life I AM going to start a campaign about having Dogs of Mental Illness in the Uk. America gets all the fun. Dogs for emotional support and Pay Day Bars. (If any random american reads this Please post me pay day bars. Amazon is asking for £3.50 for three bars plus £4.50 shipping. I am mortified.)

Back to the Original Topic..Tell me what I should dress up BigDog (and me!) in?!!!

Dress up suggestions please!!


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